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Worship Schedule​


The New Journey Service is at 8:30 AM
The New Journey Service is a contemporary service with a more interactive approach to worship. Our first series will discuss prayer: how we pray, why we pray, and our experiences with prayer. Join us to see what it is all about. Welcome All!

Traditional In-Person Worship Service is at 10:30 AM on Sunday

Virtual Worship Services
We still have the virtual traditional worship service option available as well. Please visit us live on Facebook at 10:30 AM on Sunday. Begin Worship Here

When you Arrive:

  • It may appear when you arrive that there are fewer than 10 parking spots. Keep driving. We have a huge parking lot out back.

  • Sunday school begins at 9:30 for Middle/High School and Adults
    (September through May)

  • We have two worship times.  The first service is a contemporary service with a more interactive approach to worship. The second service is more traditional and begins at 10:30. You'll find some parts are of the traditional service to be fairly typical, but other parts are not. Either way, we are not at all formal.

  • We have free coffee and other tasty treats between both worship services!

  • We welcome young family with small children in our worship service.

  • A sweetheart hailing from Scotland will greet you at the door. She will ask your name and she will remember it. She will also insist on introducing you to folks with whom you might have something in common.

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