2228 Princess Anne Rd, Virginia Beach, VA 23456


Welcome to Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church of Princess Anne!

We are a mission-focused church located in the heart of Virginia Beach's booming south side. We come from all walks of life and seek to always make anyone and everyone feel right at home.

Here are some things you might encounter if you visit on a Sunday morning:

  • It may appear when you arrive that there are fewer than 10 parking spots. Keep driving. We have a huge parking lot out back.
  • Sunday school begins at 9:30 for all ages (September 9 through May 19)
  • We have free coffee and other tasty treats!
  • Most churches start at 11 am. We are a little weird and start at 10:30, except during the summer when we start at 10:00 instead.  Click here for worship schedule.
  • We welcome young family with small children in our worship service.
  • A sweetheart hailing from Scotland will greet you at the door. She will ask your name and she will remember it. She will also insist on introducing you to folks with whom you might have something in common.
  • Some parts of worship are really traditional, other parts are not. Either way, we are not at all formal.

As you look around our website you will come across different opportunities to get involved with us. Feel free to come "explore" anything without a long-term commitment. Sometimes it can take a little time to figure out if something is the right fit.

If you have any questions about what we do here, check out our Ministries page under the "We Serve" tab. There you can explore more of what we do and who we are. You can email our leaders directly from that page.