Church Staff

Libby Rollins

Interim Pastor

Rebecca Garcia

Office Manager

Susan Clements

Director, Kids of Grace 

Preschool and Kindergarten

Cheryle Alexander


Joe Wetherbee

Choir Director

Stephanie Byers

Nursery Lead

Ministry Teams

Rick Bainbridge

Clerk of Session

Discipleship Ministry

Worship, Adult Christian Education, and Youth Christian Education teams

Elder, Sandy Adams

Elder, Sondra Grandfield

Worship Team

Chair: Roy Lopez, [email protected] and Andrea Lopez [email protected]

Contact team: [email protected]

Youth Christian Education Team

Chair: Lori Wilder, [email protected]

Contact team: [email protected]

Adult Christian Education Team

Chair: Dan Packer, [email protected]

Contact team: [email protected]

Service Ministry

Missions & Service, Membership & Evangelism, and Nurture teams

Elder, Marilyn Reininger

Elder, Alyce Jones

Missions & Service Team

Chair: Paul Foster, [email protected]

Contact team: [email protected]

Membership and Evangelism Team

Chair: Terry McKenna, [email protected]

Congregational Care Team

Chair: Paul Mengert, [email protected]

Contact team: [email protected]

Nurture Team

Chair: Vikki Foster, [email protected]

Contact team: [email protected]

Support Ministry

Administration & Personnel, Stewardship & Finance, Property, and Technology teams. 

Elder, Henry Lindenberg

Elder, Beth Wetherbee

Administration & Personnel

Chair: Henry Lindenberg, [email protected]

Contact team: [email protected]

Stewardship & Finance

Chair: Joe Bushey, [email protected]

Contact team: [email protected]


Chair: Jeff Swayne, [email protected]

Contact team: [email protected]

New Technology

Chair: Jeff Wilder, [email protected]

Contact team: [email protected]