Find Your Ministry

Search below to find a ministry that best aligns with your spiritual gifts and talents.


  • Communication Liaison: Help our members in the loop about events and opportunities to serve.
  • Ministry Coordinator: Oversee the execution of our ministries by taking the vision of our leaders and making it a reality in our programs and events.


  • Kids of Grace: Be the face of the church at Kids of Grace events and help the families of our preschool celebrate important learning milestones.
  • Liturgist: Help lead worship while you help to witness to the gospel of Christ.


  • Stewardship: Plan and execute our stewardship campaigns as Grace Covenant continues to help people grow in faith. We take seriously the idea that God created us to care for all of creation and that part of that requires recognizing that all we have and all we are first gifts from God. Stewardship is a spiritual practice of returning these gifts back to God.
  • Compassion International: We celebrate Compassion Sunday once per year, but you can change a life today. Learn more at Compassion International.


  • Greeter Ministry: We believe that God gathers us together for worship and that every visitor has been brought to us for a reason. Sometimes this is for the moment, and sometimes it is for a longer relationship. However, our response is always to open our arms wide in welcome to make sure that all feel at home in our midst. Our greeter ministry seeks to make this place a home for all.
  • New Members: This ministry seeks to help people not only feel at home, but get to know others at Grace. In addition, the people in this ministry help visitors find a place here through relationships and ways to serve.


  • Prayer Team: Participate in our intercessory prayer team each Thursday afternoon at 2:30 pm. Gather with others to hear new prayer requests and review the joys and concerns of the congregation before lifting them all to God in prayer. In addition to this, the prayer team serves to teach prayer to the larger congregation and make this spiritual practice easier and easier to make a part of daily life.


  • Small Groups: Help organize and lead new small groups.
  • Presbyterian Women: Envision new opportunities, plan events and bring learning, fellowship and mission to life for the women of the church.
  • Presbyterian Men: Create new programs and projects for the men of the church to act on their faith.


  • Prayer Shawl Ministry: If you knit join in and create beautiful prayer shawls. If not, then help to get these works of art around the world, bringing healing and peace to all who suffer. This ministry has brought prayers to people in our armed services, and many in the hospital.
  • Meal Ministry: Bring a simple comfort to those in need. When moving, facing family emergencies and illness, our meal ministry gives people a chance to bring a moment of ease to people facing hard times. It is grace at work.
  • Funeral Hosts: When families face their darkest hour, this becomes a glimmer of light. Families are hurting and friends are showing up trying to pay their last respects, the funeral hosts and ushers create a sense of calm in the storm of loss.


  • Homeless Ministry: We have a number of important partners here in Virginia Beach. Through each, our church seeks to provide for their basic needs while always demonstrating that our value is never connected to our money or worldly success.
  • Food Scarcity: Despite the wealth and abundance in Virginia Beach, many go to bed each evening without knowing from where their next meal will come. Our food ministries aim to help raise both awareness of this problem, and to provide direct aim to those suffering from hunger.


  • Adult Youth Volunteer: Studies show that young adults who stay involved with the church can point to an average of 5 different adults (not their parents) who showed interest in their faith development when growing up. Our adult youth volunteers pledge to get in the trenches and walk with our youth through this tumultuous time. Your mentoring could be the edge that makes faith real for one of our youth at Grace.
  • Jail Ministry: Through a special partnership with the chaplain to our local jail system, you could help inmates begin the path to transformation. Through grading Bible studies and offering helpful comments, you are at the forefront of new life.

Service (Worship & Choir)

  • Choir: You do not need the worlds greatest voice to be a part of one the greatest choirs around! The choir at Grace Covenant outperforms choirs of our size and remains a tight knit group that prays together, supports each other and leads the congregation in an lively worship experience each and every Sunday.


  • Sunday School: From preschool through our adult offerings and even our seasonal intergenerational opportunities, there are many ways to engage as a teacher at Grace Covenant. Teaching is a special gift that brings God's presence to life through Bible study, prayer, and discussion amongst friends.